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Huaheng Welding 25 Years Celebration

Release time: 2020-04-01

Source: Huaheng Logistics System Division

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Huaheng Welding 25 Years Celebration

  On January 28, 2019, the 25-year celebration of Huaheng Welding was grandly held at Huaheng Assembly Plant located in the east of Kunshan City. With the theme of "Huaheng for my vitality, I add style to Huaheng", Kunshan Huaheng leadership and Employees witness this historical moment together. The celebrations included a sports meeting, a 25-year history exhibition of Huaheng, and a cultural performance, etc., presenting a 25-year-old "birthday feast" with unique Huaheng characteristics.

  Chairman Xu Xujiong delivered an important speech at the celebration. First of all, it reviewed the development of China from the founding of New China to the present, and the process of hard study and entrepreneurship. It also pointed out that we had bid farewell to a great and fortunate era: demographic dividend disappeared! Globalization dividend disappeared! Computer technology dividend disappeared! Finally Xu Dong Preaching: We have no way to predict the future. The technological changes brought about by 5G and artificial intelligence cannot be known. What we can do is do a good job of the current "thousands of miles, starting with one step". We must unswervingly do a good job in enterprise informationization and modern management, improve brand competitiveness, and find new growth points for the future.

  The morning sports meeting opened in the important speeches of Mr. Zhong Guangzi and Mr. Dong Wenning, leaders of the welding and cutting division. The sports meeting included four team competitions: tug-of-war, leggings, big ropes, and relay running. The sound of cheering and slogans at the scene is even more exciting. Based on the principles of friendship first and competition second, orderly win the first and second place.

  After the enthusiastic sports meeting, there was a grand and warm literary performance, which was directed and performed by the talented Huaheng people, showing not only the celebration of Huaheng's 25th birthday, but also a wonderful audiovisual cultural feast It integrates a variety of performance forms such as chorus, dance, opera, musical instrument performance, etc., and interacts with subsidiaries and customers through live broadcasts. It also receives VCR blessings from overseas branches, multiple awards and lottery ceremonies on the scene. The audience ended up with a chorus "Tomorrow will be better", which successfully concluded the Huaheng people's "Huawai Huizhong, perseverance", creating a brilliant future of Huaheng!

 Take this opportunity to thank all customers for their trust and support for Huaheng in the past 25 years, and thank all employees for their hard work and dedication to Huaheng in these 25 years. Let us work together to create the next 25 years! Finally, I wish you all the best in the new year: all the best, and a happy family!