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Smart Logistics helped the "Double 11", and the running Huaheng Logistics was really powerful!

Release time: 2020-04-01

Source: Huaheng Logistics System Division

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Smart Logistics helped the `Double 11`, and the running Huaheng Logistics was really powerful!

  The Asia-Pacific region's annual industrial event, the 2019 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (Asian Logistics Exhibition), officially opened on October 23 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The Asian Logistics Exhibition celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This exhibition continues to lead the development trend of intelligent logistics, adding to the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industry of logistics. The exhibition brings together more than 800 industries such as system integration, robotics, AGV, forklifts, etc. Big-name enterprises.

  With the approaching of Double 11, the e-commerce sales war will begin again, and the transportation and distribution demand of the logistics industry will usher in the highest peak. In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, in recent years a large number of professional robots and automation equipment have been widely used in the field of logistics. Huaheng exhibited the latest smart logistics technology covering almost all aspects of logistics transportation. A considerable part will help major e-commerce and logistics companies in the Double 11 World War this year.

  (NO.1 latest AGV car debuts)

  (The newest AGV trolley NO.1 comes on stage) The special all-wheel drive design can be used to achieve all-directional walking in any direction; the large tonnage can be used with different on-board tooling, and type identification and on-site monitoring can be realized; High walking accuracy; the car has automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation modes to meet different applications; high safety and multiple safety protection measures.

  Immediately after, the prepared high-speed stacker became an explosion in the exhibition hall.

  (NO.2 high speed stacker comes one after another)

  Compared with the previous stacker, the high-speed stacker at this exhibition is lighter and faster. Effectively improve the speed of picking goods.

  With a high-speed stacker, of course, the cooperation of conveyors, collaborative robots and software systems is indispensable.

  (NO.3 perfect cooperation of conveyor, collaborative robot, software system)

  The last final product-Guang Teng precision reducer. The QXB series precision reducer brought by Guangteng this time uses a double-column support structure locked by positioning pins and bolts for the gland and output plate, which has the advantages of large torsional rigidity, low vibration and strong impact resistance; reducer Angular contact ball bearings installed in pairs can support large external loads, improving moment rigidity and allowable moment.

  (NO.4 precision reducer finale debut)

  The stable and rapid development of precision reducers has also laid a solid foundation for the second-phase investment project of Changsha Huaheng Company (occupying an area of about 26667 square meters and undertaking projects of robots and precision reducers).

  In addition to traditional logistics-related industries, major e-commerce brands, as cross-border partners, have also shown high enthusiasm at the Asian Logistics Exhibition.

  (The scene is extremely hot, intelligent logistics will surely lead the future development of the industry)

 In response to the rapid growth of e-commerce companies in recent years, and the increasing peak demand of third-party logistics companies, a large number of robotic solutions and the latest technologies in the field of automation have been applied in the fields of material handling, conveying and sorting, and product packaging. During the exhibition, Huaheng exchanged and discussed with partners and end customers to jointly lead the future development of the industry.

  This exhibition takes "Intelligent Drive + Smart Logistics" as the new series theme, interprets the innovative technological achievements and solutions of advanced manufacturing, and jointly builds large industrial platforms across various fields. It is expected to attract more than 120,000 professional visitors from Germany, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Israel and other countries and regions. At the same time, domestic buyers and visiting groups will also cover industrial manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, robotics, medical machinery, textile machinery, e-commerce, food industry, retail, tobacco, medicine, and express delivery. , 3C electronics, home and appliance industries.

  The four-day logistics exhibition finally ended until October 26. Double 11 is coming soon. Huaheng Intelligent Logistics brings a large number of robotic solutions and the latest technology in the field of automation. We look forward to your application in the fields of material handling, conveying and sorting, product packaging, etc.!