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What is intelligent storage?

Release time: 2020-04-01

Source: Huaheng Logistics System Division

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What is intelligent storage?

  In addition to the most mature intelligent storage solution in China, it also has comprehensive material management functions. In addition, it has dynamic inventory: it supports "multiple people + remote locations + simultaneous" inventory, which can be recorded in and out of the warehouse at the same time. Dynamic inventory: Reproduce the inventory situation in the historical period to facilitate financial audit. Confirmation of documents: Confirmation and update of inventory are required after entering the warehouse, leaving the warehouse, and transferring the manufacturing documents. RFID handset management: use the handset for document confirmation, inventory, and query statistics. Location management: RFID related No. 4 positioning (shelf level). Quality inspection management: registration of strong inspection items, confirmation of quality inspection for storage, and notice of external inspection. Quota management: material quota, reserve quota, project quota. Full life cycle management: the whole process management of materials from storage to delivery to scrap. Engineering project management: Party A's supply management of a single project. Approval of demand materials procurement plan: approval authority, approval process, warehouse receipt notice, and realizing unlimited approval level.

  The intelligent storage solution is also equipped with many hardware devices such as storage machines, storage machines, and inquiry machines.