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Intelligent storage application features

Release time: 2020-04-01

Source: Huaheng Logistics System Division

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Intelligent storage application features

  In the application of the domestic Internet of Things, there are several characteristics: First, the application of sensing technology is relatively good. The most widely used IoT sensing technology in China's warehousing industry is RFID technology. In some advanced warehousing and distribution centers, RFID tags and smart wireless radio frequency (RF) handheld terminals are widely used. This is because the RFID technology combined with the pallet system can be used in closed-loop applications in a warehouse and distribution center to effectively reduce costs.

  We also know that in common storage systems, in addition to the automatic identification technology based on barcodes, the "electronic tag-assisted picking system" also has certain applications. The so-called electronic tag does not refer to an RFID tag, but a system that uses an electronic instruction tag to perform a picking operation. Using this system, the inbound and outbound orders are decomposed by the computer system, and then transmitted to each shelf position, and the auxiliary picking system is guided by electronic display technology. This system is simple and practical, and widely used.

  According to some reports in 2010, a system based on assisted voice picking has also begun to be applied in China. With the help of the wireless network and the headset worn on the picker's head, a picking instruction is given to the picker to complete the picking operation. This technique still looks pretty cool.