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Robot cutting

Robot cutting is widely used in metal / Wood / stone cutting and beveling. Cutting method: flame / plasma / laser, etc
Robot cutting
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Robot cutting applications:

Robot cutting is widely used in metal / Wood / stone cutting and beveling. Cutting mode: flame / plasma / laser, etc.

Robot cutting solves / improves problems:

The cutting robot has strong adaptability to materials, and the cutting system can basically cut any profile through numerical control program. The machining path is controlled by the program. If the machining object changes, you only need to modify the program, which is especially obvious when trimming and cutting the parts. Because the trimming die and punching die can't do anything for the processing of other different parts, and the cost of the die is high, so the current three-dimensional laser cutting has the trend of replacing the trimming die and punching die. Generally speaking, the fixture design and use of 3D machining are more complex, but the robot does not apply machining force to the processed plate, which makes the fixture production very simple. In addition, if a robot system equipment is equipped with different hardware and software, it can achieve a variety of functions.

Benefits of robot cutting for customers:

Customers can choose corresponding cutting equipment according to their needs. Robot cutting equipment has obvious advantages in improving product quality, production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity and saving raw materials.