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Shuttle board warehouse

Shuttle board warehouse parameters:1. Rated load: 1200 ~ 1500kg;2. Car body height: 186 ~ 192.5mm;3. No load travel speed: > 60m / min;4. Heavy load traveling speed: 36 ~ 54m / min;5. Maximum lifting height: 50mm;6. Lifting type: mechanical screw lifting;7. Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery;8. Battery voltage: 24VDC;9. Battery capacity: 60ah;10. Battery charging time: ≈ 3 hours;11. Battery continuous use time: 8 hours;12. Motor type: DC servo;13. Overall weight: ≈ 230kg;14. Linear remote control distance: 100M;15. Remote control frequency: 433MHz;16. Remote control battery: rechargeable lithium battery.
Shuttle board warehouse
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Product description of shuttle board warehouse:
1. There are two main forms of shuttle in warehousing logistics equipment: shuttle in and out warehousing system and shuttle warehousing system. The trolley running on the fixed track in the form of reciprocating or looping will transport the goods to the designated place or connecting equipment;
2. Equipped with intelligent induction system, which can automatically memorize the original position and automatic deceleration system.

3. The shuttle is a kind of intelligent robot, which can be programmed to pick up, transport, place and other tasks, and can communicate with the upper computer or WMS system. Combined with RFID, barcode and other identification technologies, it can realize automatic identification, access and other functions. 

4. In principle, only one kind of goods (SKU) can be placed in one lane in the shuttle storage system, and two kinds of goods can be placed in one lane in special application (access at both ends, first in and then out). Therefore, this system is more suitable for single variety and large quantity of goods.

5. Extended application:
① Sub car and parent car: the parent car runs on the horizontal track, and automatically identifies the working roadway, releases the sub car for access operation, to a certain extent, improves the system automation.
② Cooperation with stacker: shuttle can also be used in automated warehouse to improve storage utilization. The stacker can automatically identify the shuttle and allocate the working lane. The shuttle takes the goods in the lane, and then the stacker completes the in and out operation, realizing full-automatic in and out and system management.
③ Multidirectional shuttle: the multidirectional shuttle can run on the horizontal and vertical tracks. The horizontal movement and access of goods are only completed by one shuttle, and the system automation degree is greatly improved.

Product use of shuttle board three-dimensional warehouse:
1. Shuttle is a kind of pallet (cargo) handling equipment used in the dense storage three-dimensional warehouse. Because of the adoption of through type shelves and the elimination of working roadways, it can maximize the utilization rate of warehouse space by more than 90%; according to the length and width of the warehouse, it can be arranged along the direction of the logistics moving line, making use of the depth advantage of shuttle board shelf system, so that when it is out of the warehouse It can greatly reduce the driving distance of the forklift, further improve the efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse, and meet the operation requirements of FIFO and Filo;
2. The shuttle board shelf system relies on the feature that the shuttle board can stack itself in the shelf track. The depth design of its pallet goods can be as much as possible, and each unit can store goods of different items. The stored goods can be stored in large quantities according to different categories and batches, so as to facilitate the daily management of the warehouse;
3. Comprehensive shuttle board shelf system features and functions, which has relatively obvious advantages for the storage demand of large storage capacity, large quantity of goods, small quantity of varieties and high efficiency of in and out storage, so it has strong applicability in the fast consumer goods industry, cold chain storage industry, food and beverage industry, medicine, tobacco and other industries, especially in the raw material warehouse of production-oriented enterprises.
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