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WMS management system

WMS Management System Product Description:WMS system can not only obtain information from the upper system and connect with the upper system seamlessly, but also independently complete the information processing of warehousing business, optimize the information management and issue instructions to WCS for execution, and feed back the operation information to the upper system after the completion of task execution. All the software and hardware of the project meet the company's material storage and logistics requirements.
WMS management system WMS management system WMS management system WMS management system WMS management system WMS management system
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WMS management system introduction:
WMS is the warehouse management system Warehouse management system is a comprehensive management system for batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting, quality inspection management, virtual warehouse management and real-time inventory management, which can effectively control and track the whole process of logistics and cost management of warehouse business, and realize or improve the enterprise through warehousing business, outbound business, warehouse transfer, inventory transfer and virtual warehouse management Storage information management.
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