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Intelligent distribution system

Introduction to intelligent distribution system:Huaheng intelligent logistics distribution system integrates WMS, MES, ERP and other systems with information technology, visualization and dynamic display of workshop resource demand technology platform, and uses logistics unit equipment such as AGV, RGV, conveyor line and elevator to realize intelligent distribution of materials in the factory.
Intelligent distribution system
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Intelligent distribution system purpose:
It mainly realizes the material pulling of production line JIT / JIS (just in time production mode), the timely exchange of workshop material consumption information and distribution information between warehouses, the fixed-point, fixed-point, quantitative and "beat" distribution of materials required in the production process, which reduces the material accumulation or production halt caused by lack of materials in the station line side warehouse, and truly realizes the station assembly and material distribution Supply and demand balance. It is of great practical significance for enterprises to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.