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RGV car

Technical specifications of RGV trolley:Pallet size: according to actual demandOperation mode: manual, single machine automatic and online automatic controlTravel speed control mode: frequency conversion control, SiemensMotor: Sew motor reducerPower supply mode: sliding contact line (fale, Panasonic, Taiwan brands)Track: Rail multi-function or aluminum alloy, sliding contact line built-in to ensure safety
RGV car RGV car
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Technical specifications of RGV trolley:
Speed: 160m / min (no load), 120m / min (full load)
Positioning accuracy: ± 5mm
Working load: 100kg-5000kg
Noise: < 70dB (a)

RGV car product description:
RGV, the abbreviation of rail guided vehicle, is also called rail shuttle car. Because RGV can shuttle back and forth on the preset right angle track, it can realize material handling at different positions in multiple stations. It is the carrier of intelligent production line, with the characteristics of large load, fast running speed, strong flexibility, stable and reliable system. This product has the only domestic intellectual property rights in this field.

RGV trolley use:
RGV has a wide range of applications in the logistics system and the work station production line, such as the inbound / outbound platform, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators and line side work stations. According to the plan and instructions, the material transportation can significantly reduce the transportation cost and improve the transportation efficiency. RGV can be divided into two types: assembly type RGV and transportation type RGV, which are mainly used for material transportation, workshop assembly, etc;
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